Tuesday, May 28, 2013

If you haven't seen the new Traveling Angler magazine (Volume 7, Issue 1, 2013) then you missed a great article about the trophy rainbow fishing on the Naknek River. There was a second article on page 50, written by editor Pat Hoglund, that highlights the top 5 rainbow fisheries in Bristol Bay.

#1) Naknek River - "Many consider the Naknek River to be the best rainbow river in Alaska, which makes it arguably the best rainbow trout river in North America....The best rainbow fishing is from mid-June to early July; September and early October."
A fat Naknek River rainbow fooled while crashing salmon smolt in the rapids

#2) Kvichak River - "Why it's #2 - It has a very healthy population of 25-plus rainbows...fewer 30 inchers than the Naknek"

#3) Brooks River - "The Brooks is arguably one of the best fly out trips in Bristol Bay." (Of course, we can get there by boat for a fraction of the price). "Why it's #3 - Pure ambience and prolific trout populations. Add in a world-class bear viewing and this is the quintessential Alaska fishery"
Guide Kyle with a nice bow from the lower Brooks River.

#4) Alagnak River - "Why it's number 4 - The population of rainbows in the Alagnak is extremely high, but the Alagnak lacks the number of true trophy rainbows.

#5) Moraine Creek - "Why it's number 5 - Remoteness, bear factor, and the number of aggressive rainbows places Moraine Creek at the top of any trout fisherman's bucket list."

A typical August rainbow on the Moraine, one of our favorite August fly-out destinations.

As hard core trophy rainbow addicts, it is somewhat shocking to us that some of the best rainbow fishing in North America occurs during weeks that very few fishermen travel to Alaska. The Traveling Angler Magazine accurately sites June and September as the best rainbow fishing in Bristol Bay, yet those are the least busy months of the summer!

From the time that the rainbow season opens on June 8th until the salmon show up in big numbers in late June offers some of the best streamer and dry fly fishing of the season. Rainbows of every size are hungry after a long winter and are just coming out of their spawning time in late April and May. These fish haven't been touched in almost 9 months and the rivers of Alaska are comparably empty of fishermen.

Our standard June package is available for the weeks of June 8 - 15 and June 15-22 for the special price of $1995. This package would include:
1 day at #3 (Brooks River) chasing the prolific rainbows with a 5wt and a floating line, using a combination of dry flies, nymphs and streamers.
1 day at Idavain Creek dry fly fishing for grayling and rainbows.
4 days fishing the #1 rated Naknek River

September is arguably the best rainbow fishing of the year. The sockeye salmon are finishing their spawn. the rivers are full of eggs and flesh, and everything is out feasting on the bounty. The rainbows are fat and strong from a summer of all you can eat egg buffets, but are frantically feeding to put on the last bit of fat to survive the long winter.

A September package would look much like the June package, although we might substitute a trip to the beautiful Margot Creek for char for the day at Idavain Creek. Also $1995.

If you don't have 7 days to spare for a fishing trip, we are offering a limited number of 3 day packages available this summer for $995. Pick any 3 days between June 8-22, July 20- August 3, September 14 - 28.

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